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Timber Marking
Trees, like any other asset needs to be managed properly to achieve optimal growth and performance.  Timber marking is conducted using strict guidelines to evaluate each trees health, quality and value.  This ensures the appropriate trees are harvested creating a healthy and valuable forest.  

Additional  Services
In addition to offering timber harvesting and MFL plan services Pine Curve Consulting Forestry LLC offers a wide range of professional land management services. 
Property Line Identification
Using existing survey monumentation, a professional grade gps and utmost diligence  approximate property lines can be identified for timber harvesting and general property location.   In addition, courtesy letters are mailed to adjoining landowners indicating an approximate line has been established.  

Forest Management Plans
Landowners interested in having a professionally prepared management plan with out entering the Manage Forest Law (MFL) program have the option of having a personal  management plan prepared.  Landowners can choose to have a complete plan that includes all pertinent information related to the management of their property much like a MFL plan or a condensed quick plan.  The quick plan is offered to landowners who are not concerned with the fine details but want a cost effective way to guide the management of their property.  

All plans are accompanied by a full forest inventory, schedule of recommended harvests, custom maps and various other reports of significance. 

Landowners often need to determine the value of their timber.  Forest inventories and timber value appraisals provide landowners with the financial information they need to determine their assets value.  Inventories and appraisals are often conducted when property is listed for sale, transferred through an estate, purchased, or in the event of timber trespass.  

A frequently missed step in land ownership is failure to establish a properties cost basis when the property is purchased.  Most new landowners are unaware that the failure to establish the value of their timber at the time of purchase could cost them thousand of dollars in capital gain tax when a harvest is conducted in the future. 

Pine Curve Consulting Forestry LLC has professional GIS and GPS capabilities including Trimble GPS to accurately and efficiently complete any mapping or resource analysis project. 
Property walk-throughs are on site evaluations with landowners.  The forester and landowner  discuss management options, wildlife habitat, how to achieve landowner goals, ect.  These walk-throughs are recommended for landowners who are unsure if active forest management is right for them or just to gain a greater knowledge of their forest resource. 
Forest Inventory -  Timber Appraisal - Trespass Appraisal
Property Walk-Throughs
Tree Planting
Pine Curve Consulting Forestry LLC offers full service tree planting and tree planting plans. 
Custom Mapping and Garmin GPS Property Maps
Other Inquires are Welcome
Using GIS & GPS custom property maps are created for a variety of uses such as resource analysis or simply to hang on the wall at deer camp.  These maps are customized based on the landowners desires.  They are available in print form or digitally for use on select Garmin GPS units.