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All MFL plans include custom property maps
  • Length of MFL commitment ( 25 or 50 years)
  • Open to public access or closed to public access
  • Future ownership
  • Do your objectives for the property fit with MFL guidelines
  • Is there a cabin or home on the property currently or in the future
  • Current or future land use; forest, farm land, gravel pit, subdivision ect.
  • Withdrawaling from MFL 
  • What will the plan require

Managed Forest Law (MFL) Plans
Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law (MFL) is a landowner incentive program that is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  MFL encourages sustainable forestry on private woodlands in Wisconsin. As a certified plan writer, I work with landowners'  to develop a MFL management plan that incorporates the landowner’s objectives, sustainable timber harvesting, wildlife habitat, water & soil quality protection, recreation and aesthetics.  In return landowners receive a property tax reduction.

Being a certified plan writer and MFL landowner allows me to provide my landowners with solid advice and recommendations on how the MFL program works and how it will effect their property.  

Pine Curve Consulting Forestry LLC can help you 
find answers to these and other questions regarding 
MFL and your property.

Call today to discuss enrolling your property into MFL.
Considerations When Entering MFL
"As a consulting Forester my priority is protecting the interests of my landowners"

Unique resources require special attention and careful planning to maintain and protect them.