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Initial Meeting
Timber harvest establishment is the foundation of the actual harvest. During this phase of the harvest the landowner and forester typically meet at the property to review the properties management plan and discuss any points of interest that will influence the actual harvest.  

Field Work
After the landowner and forester have a mutual understanding of how the harvest will occur the forester typically begins the harvest establishment field work. This generally includes marking the property boundaries, trees to be harvested, harvest boundaries, laying out access roads and skid trails. Identifying sensitive areas such as wetlands, streams, lakes, eagle nests. Completing  necessary GPS work, calculating  timber volume & value estimate and obtaining any necessary permit. 

Office Work
Once the field work is complete, the forester can then create a timber harvest map and cutting prescription (prospectus) including additional services or restrictions that will guide the harvest along with a timber harvest contract. All of which is approved by the landowner prior to moving forward. 

Upon approval of the prospectus by the landowner the prospectus is mailed to area loggers by the forester for bid. This ensures the landowner is obtaining both the best price and quality work. Landowners reserve the right to reject all and any bids in the event they are not satisfied with the timber prices. 

Once the successful bidder is determined by the landowner & forester, the forester prepares a timber harvest contract that will govern all harvesting activity. Typical contracts range in length from 6 months  to 3 years depending on the size and complexity of the harvest. The logger is required to supply a performance bond, current certificates of liability and workers compensation insurance to the landowner & forester.  

Harvesting & Administration
The final stage of the timber harvest is the actual cutting of trees. Once under contract the logger can begin work. Before harvesting starts the forester and logger meet at the property to review the harvest contract, map, cutting prescription and any other duties or restrictions. This typically involves a walk around the property to show the location of property boundaries, harvest units, landings ect. Once this pre-harvest meeting is completed the logger can begin cutting, skidding and hauling wood. The forester will stop at the property periodically to check contract compliance, inspect the harvest, scale harvested wood and discuss any matters that need attention. As wood is hauled to the mill the forester administers payment of the harvested wood to the landowner to ensure it is accounted for and is correctly paid for. This process continues until all harvesting is completed and the landowner is paid in full. 

During all phases of the harvest landowners are kept informed via regular phone calls and emails which often contain pictures of the harvest. 

Timber Harvesting
With 10 years of experience Pine Curve Consulting Forestry LLC, can handle all of your timber harvesting needs, start to finish. For many, conducting a timber harvest only occurs a few times over the course of a landowner’s ownership. To ensure the harvest is done to a high standard, all aspects are handled with diligence and attention to detail.  
Financial Benefit of a Forester

​Below is an example of a common timber harvest bid scenario.  The landowner obtained the following bids for their timber. 

Logger 1 Bid: $12,185.00
Logger 2 Bid: $15,065.00
Logger 3 Bid: $14,372.00
Logger 4 Bid: $19,051.00

Average of all 4 bids: $15,168.25
Difference between average bid and high bid: $3,882.75
​Consulting Forester Fee: $1,600.00

This example illustrates how this landowner had their property professionally manged and yielded $2,282.25 more than the average bid price and $5,266.00 more than the lowest bid after consulting forester fees were paid.  

Timber Harvesting Stages
Freshly Thinned Red Pine Plantation - Courtesy picture emailed to the landowner
"I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Matt Schultz for over 10 years. As an owner of woodland, and MFL properties in multiple counties throughout WI, I am always looking for credible partners I can trust. Matt is that person. He has an outstanding network of government, logging industry and local contacts. His technical skills have provided me guidance on woodlot and lakeshore management, best management practices of loggers and insights into long term sustainability of the forest. He adeptly balances practical techniques with appropriate oversight and documentation, always keeping my interests as a landowner at the forefront. I would highly recommend Matt for anyone looking for help in managing their forest."   

Greg Gorski
VP Operations/Shareholder
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